Chalk and Ink Calligraphy

Established May 2020

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Melinda O’Dell, and I live with my family, in the beautiful Cotswolds, UK.

I started my calligraphy journey in May 2020 when the world was put on hold!  Like others, I started looking online for inspiration and an opportunity to learn something new.  A free online beginners Calligraphy course popped up, I loved it. I have continued to learn from some amazing calligraphers, Paul Antonio (PAScibe), Suzanne Cunningham and Becca (The Happy Ever Crafter) to name a few.

There are so many scripts to learn as well as discover the history behind them.  Traditional scripts like Copperplate and Textualis Quadrata have a strict set of rules to follow, where as the modern calligraphy scripts allow the artist to explore and create their own styles. 

I have also discovered hand lettering, engraving and a new world of pens, papers and different materials. The list of ideas is getting longer!

If you have a special person or occasion in mind and have been inspired by my website get in touch I would love to create something special for you.

Melinda O’Dell